There will be two sessions of New Spirit Week 2016 held this summer

The high school session will be August 1-5, for students who were in grades 9-12 during the '15-'16 school year.
The middle school session will be August 8-12, for students who were in grades 6-8 during the '15-'16 school year.

There are no remaining spots for NSW 2016.
If you have never attended NSW and you'd like to be added to the list of people receiving info.
next Spring for NSW 2017, feel free to complete the 2016 online registration form by
clicking here

2016 Registered Campers

If you have already secured a spot at NSW 2016, click here to find the links to everything
you will need to prepare for New Spirit Week 2016.

2016 Brochure
During the past few years, over 90% of the spots available for NSW have been filled in the first 5 minutes of registration.
As a result, we have not printed a brochure since 2011. With the exception of the dates, 90% of the information in that
brochure is still accurate. Feel free to
click here to view our most recent brochure. If you'd prefer to watch a video,
click on a link below to see footage from last summer.  
Click here to view the slideshow from the HS session.
Click here to view the slideshow from the middle school session. 

2016 fee structure
The fee is $400 for the first family member.
The fee for each additional sibling is $300.
Fees will be discounted by 10% for campers who pay in full up front.

Note: no fees are collected during the registration process.

If you have any questions re: New Spirit Week, please contact Pat Sears
(413) 746-2523 or

You will need Adobe Acrobat Reader to view and print the brochure and/or the downloadable forms.
You will also need this program to register online. The link to Adobe is: There is no cost for you to download the program.